• The Great British Bake Off
    BBC One and Two have pun with the Great British Bake Off
    06/08/2014 Comments By James Anthony
  • spam everywhere
    Rebump makes email, your entire existence, worse
    04/03/2014 Comments By James Anthony
  • Srikumar S Rao
    Professor Rao: Plug into your hard-wired happiness
    16/05/2013 Comments By James Anthony
  • row of leatherbound books
    What can you do with old books nowadays?
    20/09/2012 Comments By James Anthony
  • Boris and his chimplike hand
    Boris Johnson and his unfeasibly large testicles
    04/04/2012 Comments By James Anthony
  • How to hack a breakfast buffet
    How to: Hack a hotel breakfast
    16/02/2012 Comments By James Anthony
  • Social Media Strategy
    Are you a social media ‘strategist’?
    07/10/2011 Comments By James Anthony
  • http://petura.deviantart.com/
    Protecting communities from trolls
    13/06/2011 Comments By James Anthony
  • know your audience jimboeth
    Online Community: Best Practices?
    12/02/2011 Comments By James Anthony
  • Uh-Oh SpaghettiO’s – @ITV_News calls Nigella Lawson unattractive
    @ITV_News calls Nigella Lawson unattractive
    18/12/2010 Comments By James Anthony

James Anthony – Wales Creative Business Ambassador to México

As a Welshman and a media marketing consultant, I recently visited México as a Creative Business Ambassador to represent the media marketing sector in Wales…  Read more…

BBC One and Two have pun with the Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off

There follows below a great example of Twitter interaction between two accounts within the same brand.

The Great British Bake Off is a hugely popular TV baking competition, where celebrity judges select the best baker from amateur contestants. Due to its success, it moved from the BBC Two channel to the flagship BBC One. Read more…

The Black Cat Cabaret – Promo Video

Behind the scenes at The Black Cat Cabaret’s promo photoshoot. Featuring Dusty Limits, Vicky Butterfly, Laura London, Jackie Le, Billie Rae. Video editing / production by James Anthony. 
Read more…

Shonen Knife – Like A Cat: The video

Following up on Shonen Knife’s cat callout from last month, here’s the finished video to Like A Cat, starring such feline luminaries as Mr Snugglesworth, Chibi-san Rodriguez, and Dodger Cavanagh.  Read more…

Shonen Knife crowdsource cats for new video

Shonen Knife in a record store showing devil horns

Japanese pop punk legends and Kurt Cobain favourites Shonen Knife are making a video for new album Overdrive, and need your help. Well, not your help exactly – they want your cat.  Read more…

Are Pioneer making a new vinyl DJ turntable?

New Pioneer turntable for 2014

This just in from our Oh No They Didn’t! correspondent: legendary CD deck makers Pioneer might be returning to turntables …  Read more…

Rebump makes email, your entire existence, worse

y u no answer me?

A spammer’s delight – if you don’t reply to someone’s email, Rebump automatically sends followup emails until a response is received.  Read more…