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Fuck Cancer

Yael fuck cancer

Idris Jenkins was a handsome man. Jet black hair and a kindly face. Big, perceptive eyes. A Welsh face. A familiar face. I remember it being full of love. Features slightly oversized, or at least they seemed so, to my young eyes.  Read more…

Zebra diary #002

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Full of beans and big ideas, I might have been looking to do something about getting involved with derby, but it wasn’t easy. First off, the head ref was proving elusive. Read more…

Zebra diary #001

Saturday, 17 July 2010

It had been, as have most days in this foul year of two thousand and ten, a Bad Day. Numb. And what wasn’t numb was afraid. Read more…

Derby equipment list

This post exists (or begins) partly as a reminder for my sieve-like memory, and partly for information purposes. Thought it might be interesting to track how my equipment changes as I improve as a skater and become more serious about the sport.

It has now been updated several times, and I am adding reviews of my equipment based on experience. If something’s stricken out, it means I no longer own/use it. Anything else is used regularly or as and when needed. It’s turning into quite a beast of a post, but it won’t all be relevant to everyone so skip around. Once it gets too cumbersome, there’ll be a linked contents below this blurb.

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