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Shonen Knife – Like A Cat: The video

Following up on Shonen Knife’s cat callout from last month, here’s the finished video to Like A Cat, starring such feline luminaries as Mr Snugglesworth, Chibi-san Rodriguez, and Dodger Cavanagh.  Read more…

Are Pioneer making a new vinyl DJ turntable?

New Pioneer turntable for 2014

This just in from our Oh No They Didn’t! correspondent: legendary CD deck makers Pioneer might be returning to turntables …  Read more…

Ry Cooder on Social Media

I don’t trust social media – I think it’s all a bunch of bullshit. I think it’s a manoeuvre. It’s Orwellian. This small screen is going to hypnotise you. You’re going to do what it wants you to do. What does it want you to do? It wants you to text your friend. What are you saying to your friend? You’re going to say: “I’m on the corner!” – and your friend says: “I’m on the other corner!” Is that what you’re saying … is that what you’re thinking? Wait a minute.You don’t even know what you think and what you feel if that’s what you’re doing all day and night.

Besides, all this social media – they’re hooked to transactions in some way and they’re delivering this massive audience – to whom? So I don’t like it and I don’t trust it.

They say: “Oh, the Arab Spring!” Well, the goddamn military took over Egypt anyway in the end. Who says they got a revolution? What revolution? The fucking military went in there like they always have done.

To me, the point is you turn the screen off and listen to yourself and maybe you’ll have an idea. Maybe it might be a good idea, something you can do to help out.

Ry Cooder: ‘Mitt Romney is a dangerous man, a cruel man’ via the Guardian

This is a brilliant interview, wherein the slide-guitar maestro drops knowledge bombs on a range of topics, including Mitt Romney, American presidents, the return of Jim Crow, and er, trees.

Mind = blown: A second look at Fucked Up’s David Comes to Life

Fucked Up - David Comes to Life - album cover

Wow. That’s about all I’m capable of saying right now.  Read more…

David Comes to Life – a massively self-indulgent first look at the new Fucked Up album

I’ve mentioned how much I love Fucked Up‘s new album briefly on TwitterFacebook and Tumblr. But only in as many words.  Read more…

Nihon Kizuna: a music compilation in aid of Japan disaster relief effort

Over 40 international artists have donated music for the Nihon Kizuna compilation in aid of the Japan disaster relief effort. Nihon Kizuna in Japanese roughly translates as “bond of friendship with Japan”. You can stream the whole thing after the jump, but I ask you to support this important cause, and please buy it. I have!  Read more…