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Modern social media marketing. Easy, right?

This social media infographic by Buddy Media shows just how complicated the SM landscape is getting. Click for larger, although it won’t get any simpler.

The complicated social media landscape today

OK, here’s a competition. There’s one glaring omission… Can you spot who’s not on there?

PS, this post is a response, in part, to my favourite Facebook find of last week:

social media is easy jimboeth

Yep, it’s a piece of cake.

The Future of Marketing… is Journalists coz we write good!

Social Media  – Journalists and Public Relations Professionals are poised to be amazing content creators in the new social media world. Journalists are probably the best content creators when it comes to social media because they can craft compelling content and understand what is newsworthy. Reuters released Social Pulse earlier this year creating a tool for journalists to monitor company chatter. Journalists make excellent bloggers and have the ability to create tight, focused content on a deadline. Did I mention editing? Journalists are also extremely skilled at editing, turning around tweets, blog posts and other types of digital content. Public Relations professionals are also poised to be experts in the social media world — they, too understand what is newsworthy, how to be concise, write for reports and how to attract attention.

Can’t argue with that…. via The Future of Marketing | Social Media Today.

Battle of the search engines: Google vs Bing vs Yahoo!

Check out this link (click image after the jump for larger), via Reddit. It shows the search results for the Big Three search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo!, when the string entered is “train movie where the guy keeps waking up in some one elses body [sic]”.  Read more…

Why jimboeth? It’s all in the name

Jo Brand

UPDATE: I have changed my Twitter handle a couple of times since publishing this blog. Click here for a post explaining why I did this (and why I can’t change it back!).

James Anthony is not a particularly common name (unless it’s the first and second name, plus surname, which seems popular in America). But it’s far from unique.  Read more…

Tailored Follow Friday – #TFF – The art of the dynamic duo

tailored follow friday

I stumbled across this new FastFollowFriday tool today, which aims to take the “hassle” out of #FFs, and it certainly speeds up the process in a convenient way, but it doesn’t address why FollowFriday has become such a hassle.  Read more…

Protecting communities from trolls

Off the back of news that that Shaun Usher, of Letters Of Note, has axed comments due to trolling, it’s interesting to turn again to the danger of trolls in community moderation.  Read more…